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Let's get to know each other

We are a team of highly skilled individuals who have come together due to a common goal – digital perfection .

‘Kisasa’ meaning ‘Modern’ in Swahili, sums up the approach towards any project undertaken by Kisasa Marketing Studio.

We primarily have a global approach, with clients from the U.S, Kenya, Australia and U.K, we’re aiming towards serving the entire world, so do say hello in your respective language while contacting us!

Times are changing, the entire world now sits in the palm of your hand. During such times, its necessary to have the best impression in order to stand out from the rest.

We undertake every project as if it is our own company, get into the nitty bitty details to understand the working, the mission and the values.

The absolute need for precision and perfection is sought out by the elite corporates, but we do encourage every company to take a step towards it, as in today’s world – branding is everything.

Kisasa guarantees the positive outcome of any project it takes, so don’t risk it, do not risk tarnishing the image of the brand you’ve built, as we have a saying – let us do it right, the First time!
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