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Why Do You Need a Website – 4 Key Reasons

In a world dominated by Facebook, Instagram TikTok and other social media platforms, you might ask yourself, “Do I need a website?” The answer is yes, let me tell you why.

While people are still trying to figure out what is going on with Zuckerberg and his Meta universe, unfortunately there are still some large companies without a website, or a very old broken one crying for an upgrade.

According to recent studies, 70-80% of people  were doing a background check on companies online before visiting it/making a purchase. The same percentage of people could be lost to businesses without a website. Covid lockdowns have taught us how much more important an internet presence is for a business than a physical one!

Regardless of the facts above, here are 4 reasons why you need a website in 2023.

1. Websites make you look professional and increases trust

A business without a good website is not trustworthy for the user as well as for google search’s algorithm. A clean, modern website that is regularly updated and evidently displayed in search engines like Google or Bing is an instant credibility boost. Having all the information available for a potential customer’s research will be very convenient for the user. This professionalism and transparency in declaration of information will increase their trust in you. In a digital age, we expect businesses to have a web presence. It is very easy to create a Facebook page or an Instagram account with fake data, your name/handle, and the profiles may look identical to yours. So, a professional business website legitimizes your company in ways no other social media channels would.

2. A website will bring you more customers and increase conversions directly/indirectly

There are customers that are just researching a topic or some who are searching for a product without specifically looking for you. This is where a professionally SEO optimized website can pop up on the first page of Google search! There’s a very high chance of someone ‘stumbling upon’ your website while browsing through google search than doing so on a social media profile. Also, comparing you and other competing businesses is easier when all the parties involved have a website. (You win by default when your competitor doesn’t have a website!) Pages with built-in forms encourage website visitors to get in touch directly, while subscription to a blog makes the user come back for more content whenever a new one is released. A website is available every hour throughout the day (24/7), 365 days a year, and from anywhere around the globe – that makes your company/brand stay on the customer’s minds even after business hours. Websites broaden your reach to literally the entire world, and promote you without a break!

3. Websites are the center of all marketing efforts

A website can be the first place where a potential customer interacts with you and learns about your organization/brand. It can also be where they end up to make a purchase, because they were redirected from a Facebook ad, E-mail link or an Instagram post. The person might have typed your company Domain URL into their browser from a business card. Or, after watching your YouTube video/Instagram reel they ‘clicked the link in the description’ to get a coupon code for your newly launched products. All your marketing efforts, regardless the nature of your business operation (online/offline), should sprout from and lead to your own, stunning, modern and informative website. Campaigns are a breeze to manage when everything is interconnected and the common denominator is your website. So, having a website is a priority and the most important first step to success.

4. A website gives you full control over the medium

The freedom of expression on a website cannot be matched. You cannot customize your social media presence to the same extent. All of your assets have to be in the same exact format as everybody else’s. If you really want to stand out, a custom website is the answer.

The absolute freedom with design gives you the opportunity to present the company in its own unique way, molding it to incorporate the essence, values, branding elements and personality. (Kisasa Understands the importance of authenticity, which is why unlike the competitors, we don’t edit & sell pre-made website templates to our clients, we design our own UI for every client! Get in touch to know more)

If you have a gallery, portfolio or just a whole lot of images, this is also a chance to display it in a creative way. You can redesign and change anything and everything on a website any time you want.

The other side of ‘full control’ is that a webpage is your own media. You do not have to follow the ever-changing rules of social platforms, and while these platforms themselves come and go (remember Orkut/Google plus?) your website can stay in business forever. Oh! and let’s not forget that a random user need not sign up for an account just to view your website!


We think these four basic reasons should have cleared your queries about creating a professional website for your business. If you don’t have a basic website, you’re missing out on the largest opportunity to increase your online reputation. The sooner you create one, the more potential customers will trust your brand. Compared to traditional marketing like billboards, this is a simple and inexpensive way to increase your revenue, boost your company’s credibility and digital image. If you’re no longer questioning the benefits of websites and want to make one for yourself, click the button below to have a discussion with our team on the numerous possibilities.